Malcolm Turnbull is going to be on Q&A!

Good news, Malcolm Turnbull is going to be on Q&A.

Last time this issue was on Q&A it was completely blocked from being talked about, but NOT THIS TIME.

So we need every single person to ask questions, post on the facebook page, tweet to their twitter page, everything!!!

We will not let our voice be unheard again. Now is when we need everyone to unite and spam as a team together!

Feel free to ask multiple questions and post questions and your opinions on their social networks, feel free to mention such things as last time the issue wasn’t spoken of and its horrible a media outlet would block a current issue. Anything you would like! What we need is quantity! If 2 people protest an issue, their voices will be dim… If 2,000 people protest an issue they will be heard for miles!

Here are the links to their Website where you can ask a question, their facebook page and their twitter page!
Get around it everyone!

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